Lyre d'Or Competition

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The 5th session of the competition held on Monday 29th February on the afternoon on the "Events Stage" and the contestants were on hand hoping to capture the precious Lyre d'Or.

The candidates were asked to produce an orange and white cheese platter based on a precisely-defined theme: “for an evening with friends, your client asks you to produce a cheese platter for 15 to 20 people made up exclusively of the colours white and orange – for both the cheeses themselves and the decorations". 

To do this, the candidates will have to provide at least eight seasonal cheeses, at least five of which are PDO cheeses. Some of the cheeses (perfectly matured) must be presented in their initial form. The rest will need to have been pre-cut – both to speed up the serving and to whet people's appetites! 


The 4 winners for 2016

Lyre d'Or (Gold): Virginie Dubois-Dhorne, la Finarde (Arras - Nord Pas de Calais Picardie Area)

 "This is wonderful professional recognition. The quality and selection of the products made a difference. I am very happy to have represented northern France. Taking part in competitions enables us to showcase our business, our passions and our trade."

Lyre d'Argent (Silver) : Cindy Skiba, Fromagerie La Prairie (Béthune - Nord Pas de Calais Picardie Area)

I have been doing this since I retrained 2 years ago. For me, the competition will be an enriching experience. Getting ready to take part involves considerable investment.


Lyre de Bronze : Lucie Le Doare, Fromagerie Sten Marc (La Forest-Landerneau - Bretagne Area)

 « I come from the catering industry and that's how I learned all about cheese. I had to put together cheese platters every day. Gradually, over time, I became passionate about it."

Prix du Public : Sébastien Durut, Fromagerie Les Alpages (Grenoble - Auvergne Rhône Alpes Area)

After my professional "food retail" baccalaureate at Fromagerie Les Alpages, I was taken on with a permanent contract. Every day, I produce bespoke platters for our customers. For me, the competition is an opportunity to have my work assessed by a professional panel so I can improve my technique.