Unusual Pairings

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In 2016, the Cheese and Dairy Products Show proposed visitors to discover some unusual pairings such as fruit juices and cheese but also specific breads and cheeses.

2 free workshops were organised and animated by CNIEL and the French Cheesemongers Federation.

A surprising pairing between cheeses and fruit juices 

Although for some people the idea of pairing cheeses and fruit juices may seem improbable and whimsical, just one taste will completely change their minds. Meals and the ways in which we consume them are ever-changing, resulting in our discovering and inventing new ways to enjoy cheeses. This workshop will be run by a cheesemaker and a fruit juice specialist. It's also a way to educate children about cheese consumption. They have the right to test pairings and are not limited to only drinking water with the cheese. A portion of cheese, a slice of bread and a glass of fruit juice together make up a perfectly balanced snack.

The matching of cheeses and breads

These matches showcase French cheeses – visitors can enjoy a sensory discovery featuring cheeses and different types of bread. This workshop, run by a cheesemaker and a baker, will be based on a sensory approach (all 5 senses) and will be followed by a guided and commented tasting of 4 cheeses and 4 different types of bread. It will be an opportunity for visitors to discover the multi-sensory aspects of these foodstuffs:a Saint Félicien and a sesame baguette, a Bleu de Gex and fig bread, a Comté and nut bread, a Munster and cumin bread