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About the show

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With 190 exhibitors and 6,720 visitors, the Cheese and Dairy Products is the capital event for the cheese industry.

The 15th Cheese and Dairy Products Show will be held from 25 to 28 February 2018 at Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles (France).

Business, international, traditionnaly made cheeses, authenticity, quality, conviviality, new products, meetings, a huge diversity of cheese and dairy products, latest trends....

Key figures for 2016

- 190 exhibitors from 12 countries

- 26% international companies

- 38% new exhibitors

- 6,720 visits : +6.20% versus 2014

- 17% foreign visitors

- More than 50 countries during 4 days

SFPL 2016 - discussions sur stand Marcel Petite
Targeted visitors, ambassadors of taste and passion!

24% opinion leaders

76% buyers

- Retail trade: 41%

- Distributors / Imports: 20%

- Services: 11 %

- Catering: 4 %

The Cheese and Dairy Products Show is the unique exhibition where are going 25% visitors.

SFPL 2016 - un visiteur sur un stand

Unanimous satisfaction!

- 100% of exhibitors were satisfied with their participation - 1 out of 2 very satisfied

- 99% intend to exhibit in 2018

- 95% of visitors satisfied with their visit - 55% very satisfied

A fashion trade show 

Tomme au foin - Cave d'Affinage de Savoie - Coups de Coeur 2016

More than 60 new products exhibited and 4 main trends in 2016:

Authenticity: as consumers are more and more attentive to the product quality, producers showcase their knowledge with traditionnally-made cheeses and dairy products.

A walk in the forest: Producers presents cheese with mushrooms, truffle, flowers, plants...

Come back to basic needs

Smoked cheeses: exhibitors propose surprising cheese with distinctive smoky flavour

Numerous experiences around taste and know-how

Coups de Coeur Competition
Stand Irlande - Coups de Coeur 2016

This new competition has been created in 2016 by the show.

Its purpose: award prizes to the best products.

For its 1st session, a panel of 9 professionals tasted 72 cheeses

10 were presented with awards and benefit special focus during the exhibition.

Discover the 10 "Coups de Coeur" products

Lyre d'Or Competition
Concours Lyre Or 2016 - détail

or the competition of the finest cheese platter with criteria such professional techniques, knowledge, creativity.

12 entrants were asked to produce an orange and white cheese platter. The French area "Hauts de France" was in the spotlight with the 2 first places, Gold Lyre and Silver Lyre.

Discover the 4 winners

Concours de Fontainebleau

Concours Fontainebleau 2016 - détail

Organised by the French Federation of Cheesemongers, this new event showcased the knowledge and creativity of cheesemongers in 2 different categories: traditional recipes and extravagant recipes.

This 1st session hosted 8 competitors. The Bourgogne Franche Comté region won both categories with the same entrant.

Ateliers cuisine
Atelier Cuisine - Sugio Yamaguchi - détail
The young chief, Sugio Yamaguchi, Restaurant Botanique, created 4 recipes for the Cheese and Dairy Products Show.

Vegetable cakes with Etivaz, pie with Roquefort cheese, White pie with Normandie Camembert...

Rendez-vous Experts
SFPL 2016 - rdv Experts 2

Individual meetings are proposed to visitors to supplement their education and expand their knowledge on various themes such as cheese in catering, how to set up or take over a shop, health and sanitary regulations....

Alliances insolites

SFPL 2016 - alliances jus de fruits et fromages

A very popular event with ideas for unexpected tastings.

In 2016, visitors wera able to try specific breas and fruit juices with cheeses.

The 2016 show in vidéo and pictures