Discover the winners of the Lyre d'Or Competition!

Major event of the Cheese and Dairy Products Show, the 2016 Lyre d'Or Competition awarded 4 cheese-mongers for their expertise in creation a cheese platter.

3 woman won 3 places, Hauts de France area has been awarded with Lyre d'Or (Gold) and Lyre d'Argent (Silver).

12 candidates came from all over France on Monday 29th February and were asked to produce an orange and white cheese platter for 15-20 people.

Winners are:

Lyre d'Or : Virginie DUBOIS DHORNE, La Finarde (Hauts de France area)

Lyre d'Argent : Cindy SKIBA, Fromagerie La Prairie (Hauts de France area)

Lyre de Bronze : Lucie LE DOARÉ, Fromagerie Sten Marc (Bretagne area)

Prix du Public : Sébastien DURUT, Fromagerie Les Alpages (Auvergne-Rhône Alpes area)

Before coming, each cheesemonger prepared cheese and decoration: their simple cheeseboard became throughout the competition an artwork. 

Check out pictures of the 2016 Lyre d'Or Competition